Gasmeetstation Rotterdam BV performs the following services for Neele-VAT Logistics

Containers can contain harmful gases which have been released by products or added as pesticides, fungicides, etc. The safety of both the employee who enters the container and the user of the goods may be compromised if proper checks for hazardous substances are not performed. The potential harm caused by gases depends on the type of gas inside the container and its concentration.

Gases may be generated inside containers in several ways.

  • Gases may be added to goods in a container (in order to combat pests or degradation of products);
  • Gases may be released during the transport of goods (these are gases used in the production process – for example, glue, cleaning agents and wood);
  • Chemical reactions during transit.

Containers filled with new products or a new product line must always be measured before they are unloaded. From experience we know that certain products have an increased risk of gases. It is essential to measure such containers for gases. If containers are routinely passed during inspection, the number of gas measurements will be reduced to random sampling.

Gasmeetstation Rotterdam is a full service drive-in measurement station and container depot at Maasvlakte. Situated between the container terminals, Gasmeetstation Rotterdam offers the facilities to serve your needs in gas measurement, degasification, container handling and storage. In addition, it can provide assistance in the performance of physical checks, unloading containers, and repacking goods, and it has a container depot on the AEO-certified site for temporary and long-term storage of containers.

For more information, please visit the website of Gasmeetstation Rotterdam or contact us by e-mail or phone: +31 (0)10 299 64 50.